What Is Junk Removal?

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3
1. We pick a date and two hour window.
2. We call or text you 45 minutes before we arrival.
3. If you agree to our price, we take your junk.
95% of the time, we can take your junk immediately.

What Is Junk Removal

Do you have junk piled up in your home? Is there junk in your Garage, Attic, Shed, Basement or Work Site, and you just can’t get around to getting rid of it? No Problem! We will provide the labor. We will come to your house, and remove your junk TODAY.

We bring a 15 cubic yard dumpster, the men and our experience with recycling, cleaning out basements, attics, and garages. We remove appliances, electronics, old furniture, construction debris, yard waste, etc...

You simply point
and we haul the junk away.


Our employees are fast, the service is convenient, and we sweep-up after we are done.

Most “junk jobs” take less than an hour.

This service is perfect for any one preparing to move, property owners, office managers, retail locations, construction sites, or the homeowner that simply wants or needs some help.

A Few Advantages of Junk Removal Service to the customer

  1. We have almost 15 years experience filling dumpsters.
  2. You only pay for the space we use. Most calls will cost the customer less money than the rental of our smallest dumpster.
  3. Time is money, we save you both!
  4. You get two laborers to do the work. You only pay $50.00 for two guys!!!!!
  5. The whole transaction is usually done in less than one hour.
  6. 75% of the material will be recycled. Our planet will thank you.
  7. The 1-800 Company is more expensive.
  8. The 1-800 Company has smaller containers. (We once owned that franchise)
  9. You can trust that the waste will be disposed safely and responsibly.