Junk Removal Pricing

Our Junk Removal Pricing is Awesome!

  1. We pick a date and two hour window.
  2. We call or text you 45 minutes before we arrival.
  3. If you agree to our price, we take your junk.
  4. 95% of the time, we can take your junk immediately.

The pricing is Awesome!!!

Largest Dumpsters

First, we use the largest dumpsters of all the competition. (That 1-800 Company uses 10 cubic yard boxes. The others are even smaller.)

Our pricing is based on the amount of space you take up in the dumpster

We charge $40 per cubic yard, plus $50.00 for the labor. That is $50.00 to remove one sofa or fill an entire dumpster. Let the professionals do all the heavy lift! This is an incredible deal!

The following is an example of our pricing for removing 12 cubic yard of material:

$40 x 12 =       $480
$50 for labor = $50
Total charge = $530

Compare that price with the price of renting a 12 cubic yard container and doing the work yourself.



You simply point

and we haul the junk away.