Lowe Junk Removal Pricing

You Only Pay For the Space You Use.

Simply call us at 860-442-Lowe or click on the Request Junk Removal Service link below (right side).  We will schedule an appointment.  If we agree on a price, we will remove your junk on that day.  No Waiting!  Instant Gratification!!! 


Our Junk Removal Service Is Easy, Fast, and Convenient.  Most jobs take less than an hour to complete.  Time Is Money...  We save you both!!!!


You Only Pay For The Space You Use!!!

We charge $50 per cubic yard, plus $75.00 for the labor. That is $75.00 to remove one sofa or fill an entire dumpster. Let the professionals do all the heavy lift! This is an incredible deal!

The following is an example of our pricing for removing 12 cubic yard of material:

$50 x 12 cubic yards =      $600
$75 for labor =                         $75
Total charge =                         $675

Compare that price with the price of renting a 12 cubic yard container and doing the work yourself.

"I Don't Need One Of Those Huge Dumpsters."  

Easy Solution:

With Lowe Junk Removal, you only pay for the amount of space you use in our dumpster.

"This project Is Going To Take Me Two Weeks"

Fast Solution:

Lowe Junk Removal are professionals.  We complete most jobs in less than a hour.

"I Need Help Lifting This Stuff Into The Dumpster."

Convenient Solution:

Our Staff Does All The Lifting.  You simply point and we make it go away.  



You simply point

and we haul the junk away.