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We take everything but hazardous material. We take: furniture, glass, clothing, household items, toys, yard waste, magazines, cardboard, exercise equipment, computers, printers, TVs, stereos, carpets, appliances, car batteries and more.

We take everything but hazardous material. No paints, fuels, solvents, asbestos, propane tanks, or medical waste. We recommend you call your local municipality to find the next schedule hazard waste collection day.

We bring a 15 cubic yard dumpster to all junk jobs. The measurements are as follows:

14 feet long x 8 feet wide x 5 feet high.

Don’t be fooled by guys in pick-up trucks.

There is a $25 additional charge for products containing Freon. For example, refrigerators, air conditioners, water coolers, dehumidifiers, etc...

$20 per mattress or box spring

There may be an additional charge for extremely heavy items or items that require more than two man to move. For example, pianos, hot tubs, concrete, dirt, etc…

We will give you an estimate before we start the work.

No. This is the beauty of our service. We do all of the heavy lifting. You simply point and we do the rest.

We bring a 15 cubic yard dumpster to every job. Our pricing is based on the amount of space you take up in the dumpster. We charge $40 per cubic yard, plus $50.00 for the labor. That is $50.00 to remove one sofa or fill an entire dumpster. This is an incredible deal! Let the professionals handle it!

The following is an example of our pricing for removing 12 cubic yard of material:

$40.00 x 12 yards =          $480.00
$50.00 for labor=              $50.00
Total charge                         $530.00

Compare that price with the price of renting a 12 cubic yard container and doing the work yourself. Please don’t be fooled by other companies claiming to use the same size dumpsters.

There will be additional fees to remove things from crawl spaces, attics, third floors, and distances greater than 45 yards.

Absolutely.   Call before 12:00 p.m. and we will do everything we can to give you same-day service.

No, simply take a picture of the material you want removed and we will send you a return picture to confirm that the job is complete.

We work around your schedule. You can request a morning or afternoon appointment. We even schedule appointments on the weekends.

Absolutely. This is the beauty of service. Our guys (junk luggers) can remove your junk and load our moving truck at the same time. We save you money, because we save you time!

We recycle approximately 75% of the materials collected from a junk job. We always look for ways to reduce, reuse, or recycle. It’s good business. Material that have no value will be taken to a transfer station or an incinerator where they turn junk into renewable energy.  

  1. You only pay for the space we use. Most calls will cost the customer less money than the rental of our smallest dumpster.
  2. You get two laborers to do the work.  You only pay $50.00 for two guys!!!!!

The whole transaction is usually done in less than one hour. We save you money, because we save you time!

  1. 75% of the material will be recycled. Our planet will thank you.
  2. We have more than 10 years’ experience filling dumpsters.
  3. We can trust that the waste will be disposed safely and responsibly.

Most junk jobs take less than one hour. Our $50.00 labor fee is not our hourly rate. We do have many jobs that last more than one hour, and the customer is still charged $50.00 for labor. However there are situations when additional fees will apply. For example:

  • Working in crawl spaces
  • We have to carry material long distances
  • Extremely heavy material (i.e. hot tubs, pianos, etc.…)
  • We fill multiple dumpsters
  • We need to disassemble something, cutting equipment, or a skid steer

We will clearly explain these charges when we arrive and we will notify you if we are going to exceed our estimate during the process.

No. This is the beauty of our service. We do all of the heavy lifting. You simply point and we do the rest. Please understand we will be ready to get the job done. We would ask you to identify the items you wish to remove before we arrive. This will allow us to keep the process moving.

Our employees work hard and they appreciate your business. Tips are not required, however many of customers will give our laborers tips. Anything you give will be appreciated.