Mobile Storage Units

Bigger. Stronger. Faster!


Bring the warehouse to you with our brand new industry-leading mobile storage units: Offering convenience, security, and same-day service!

Mobile Storage Units

Lowe Moving is happy to announce that we have changed our name to Lowe Moving & Mobile Storage.

Lowe Moving & Mobile Storage, a division of Lowe Carting & Recycling has been in business since 2003.

We now offer new, 20 Foot, secure, mobile storage units for rent to homeowners and businesses. These Storage Units are perfect for any client needing more space. Each unit is new, wind and water tight, with easy to operate doors and locks.

Need more space at home or protection for your equipment on a job site?

We Bring The Warehouse to You!!!

Lowe Mobile Storage is:

Bigger, Stronger, Faster!!!


Each mobile storage unit measures:

External Length: 20’ / Internal Length: 19’4”
External Width: 8’6 / Internal Height: 7’10”


Door Opening:

Width: 7’8” / Height: 7’5”

Those franchise companies offer 16 foot containers made of lightweight materials, fiberglass and plastic.

Inside Storage


Heavy Duty:

Our containers are all purchased new, made with heavy gauge steel. The doors are easy to operate and lock for security.

Safe & Secure:

Each container is equipped with three standard lock attachments and one low profile locking attachment for additional security.

Safe from the elements, water, and theft, these containers are much more secure than those national chains.


Since 2003...

The Lowe Companies have provided same day service.

We are committed to giving you the best service. See our reviews below!

If you need help:

Our moving staff can wrap and protect, pack, and move your valuables into one of our units.

We can usually fit furniture from a 3 bedroom home into one of our units.


A Look At Our Locks

Same Day Service & Storage

If you are doing renovations, Lowe Mobile Storage Units is the perfect choice. A storage container gives you the flexibility to move and store things at your own pace, or in stages of a project. If your business needs to store additional inventory or product, we can help.

Our containers are new and clean. We can protect your tools at your job site. Each unit is equipped with easy to operate doors and locks. We can deliver the container to your place or we will be happy to store it at our facility. These containers are warehousing for excess inventory, dry goods, furniture, protection for tools and equipment, sporting equipment. Lowe Mobile Storage is perfect for your temporary storage needs.

You can get one delivered TODAY!

Simply call us at 860-442-Lowe (5693)

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